As we know, Windows 7 has the auto-change wallpaper functionality in its background settings window. Actually, there’s a script in Ubuntu located in /usr/share/backgrounds/cosmos/background-1.xml do the same job. To make it work, first edit the file and change parameters: starttime, duration, and transition.. Then select this xml file in “Change Desktop Background -> Add wallpaper window”.

If you’re new to Ubuntu Linux and don’t know how to edit the file, just follow the steps below. There would be ready-made xml file.

Step 1: Click to download, extract this python script and put it into the folder where save the images you want to use as background wallpaper.

Step 2: Now run the (use ./ command), it will create a .xml file and all the images in the same folder are written into the file.

Step 3: Right-click on desktop and choose “Change Desktop Background”. In “Background” tab, click “Add…”. Now, navigate to the folder and select the .xml file