Google has released voice and video chat plugin for Linux user.This is a browser plugin that enables you to use Google voice and video chat to chat face to face with family and friends. Voice and video chat plugin works in your Gmail, iGoogle and orkut chat.

Here’s what to get started:

First,download the voice and video plug-in from: Ubuntu user, it is a deb package,just close all open browser windows,and double-click to install the plug-in.

Then,sign in to Gmail, iGoogle or orkut.In the chat list, select the contact you want to call. If they have a camera icon next to their name, you can make a voice or video call to them; just click Video & more.

If your friend doesn’t have a camera next to their name in your chat list, you can invite them to download the voice and video chat plug-in from the Video & more menu in a chat window. Even if your friend doesn’t have a video camera, you can still have a voice chat or a 1-way video chat.

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