apt-get is an often used Ubuntu Linux command for installing and updating new software in terminal, but it downloads the files with a single connection. Here’s a replacement for apt-get named apt-fast. apt-fast is a fully open-source script by Matt Parnell, it does almost the same thing as apt-get does, except the downloading part.

The download part of apt-fast is handled by axel download accelerator, which is a simple,short process, but everything else is extremely straight forward. It’s roughly 26x faster than apt-get, according to Matt Parnell.

Install axel and setup apt-fast

First, install axel with this command:

sudo apt-get install axel

Then, download apt-fast script from : http://www.mattparnell.com/linux/apt-fast/

Finally, move just downloaded file apt-fast.sh to /usr/bin, and give it executable privilege:

sudo mv ~/Downloads/apt-fast.sh /usr/bin/apt-fast
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/apt-fast

Now,just use it like apt-get. Such as apt-fast update,apt-fast install packagename,apt-fast dist-upgrade. Should your download stall for any number of reasons, you’ll need to do an apt-fast clean.

Check from mattparnel.com