Ubuntu Tweak 0.7.3 was just released few hours ago, with Linux Mint 13 and Ubuntu 12.10 supported (12.10 can’t ensure the stability). Also in this release Ubuntu Tweak allows to turn on/off Guest session, adds linux-image-extra to the old kernel clean list for Ubuntu 12.10.

And a lot of bugs has been fixed:

  • LP: #993800 QuickList Editor lost Edits
  • LP: #1019812 Ubuntu Tweak crashes on ubuntu 12.10
  • LP: #1031741 Need to update utdata url
  • LP: #1013656 module import error and administration doesn’t work
  • LP: #1014799 Tweak tab hangs with testing
  • LP: #1016199 LightDM plugin should be active if lightDM is the DM
  • LP: #1014300 Screen edges actions are reversed in right to left locals
  • LP: #1015835 Janitor crash when try to select apt cache checkbox
  • LP: #1017820 Error message when clicking on “Session indicator” when indicator-session is not installed isn’t clear enough
  • LP: #1021290 AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘present’
  • LP: #1032883 ubuntu tweak scripts