After two months development,Ubuntu Tweak has released a new stable version 0.5.5.It brings two major improvements.

1.Purge PPA: In Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.5,now you can delete PPA packages that you don’t want anymore just by a few clicks.Keep tasting the latest, coolest applications on PPA and don’t worry about they make your system unstable.

2.File Type Manager supports edit multi-types in once: Now,File Type Manager finally supports multi-types edit, you can edit multiple file types at a time.

The overview of changes in Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.5:

* Add support for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick
* File Type Manager supports edit multi-types in once, Thanks muzuiget!
* Add support for determining Lubuntu, Netbook Edition
* Add SVG support in GNOME Panel icon (LP: #593513)
* Add SVG support in Login Windows Logo settings
* Add Compress PDF script
* Add PPA Purge support in Cleaner

Purge PPA:

The “Purge PPAs” is integrated into the “Package Cleaner”.It lists all enabled PPAs in your system,you can purge a PPA or multi-PPAs by select them and press “Cleanup” button.

a dialog will pop up and indicate how many packages will be downgraded.Click “Yes”, the purge and downgrade work will start immediately.

File Type Manager supports edit multi-types in once:

This feature is contributed by muzuiget and was first introduced in Dec, 2008 with Ubuntu Tweak 0.4.4.
Image that you’ve installed a new audio player and love it, you want it to be the default application for all your media files. OK, it’s easy to do.

In File Type Manager, select the File Type you want to change (holding Shift to select multiple objects).

Then press “Edit”, in the opening dialog, choose the audio player you want. After that, all the types of media files will be opened by the application you set earlier.


If you have installed an earlier version and added the PPA in your system,you can upgrade Ubuntu-Tweak by choose the package in System->Administration->Update Manager.Here is the command to add PPA for Ubuntu-Tweak stable:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa

and you can update the repository and install the latest stable Ubuntu-Tweak:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

Or,Ubuntu-Tweak 0.5.5 can be downloaded from following link and installed by just double-click on the package.

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