1.) Confity

Confity is a simple tool to help you configure your Ubuntu Unity desktop. There are quite a few options related to Unity Launcher and quicklist.


Download Confity from http://sourceforge.net/projects/confity/. Extract the package and click to run confity.py

2.) Gunity

Another tool to easy tweak unity desktop, it has following features:

  • Adjust the size of the launcher icons
  • Change the panel opacity
  • Change the Launcher hiding animation and visibility
  • Enable or disable blur for Dash
  • Edit the ‘reveal’ mode
  • Tweak the number of workspaces/rows


Compare to Confity, Gunity doesn’t seem to handle the quicklists.


Download and install the .deb from http://blog.ckdevelop.org/data/documents/shell/gunity-11.05.13_g2s2.2.3beta5ckd.deb

3.) Unity-Launcher-Editor

Unity-Launcher-Editor is still in the early development phase. Currently it can add/remove/edit Unity Launcher items and quicklist groups.


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