Have a new Android apps and want to share with your friends or just write a tutorial about how it works? Screenshots make things easy to understand, and here’s a free Android Screen Monitor(ASM) that connects to Android SDK adb and receives frame buffer continuously on the device or emulator and transfer image to your PC desktop window.

Normally, there’s a keyboard on right side of Android emulator’s screen and we need to remove it manually while taking screenshots, but ASM get rid of it automatically. The Android Screen Monitor only rotate and scaling monitor window and export a image into PNG file as screen shot tool, other actions are operating on Android device or emulator.

System Requirements

JRE(JDK) 5 or 6 and must set path to java bin directory
Android 1.5/1.6/2.0 SDK and must set path to android sdk tools and platform-tools directory


1.) Install JRE(JDK) 5 or 6 and set path to java bin directory
2.) Install Android SDK and set path to android sdk tools and platform-tools directory
3.) Download Android Screen Monitor

How to Use

  • Ver.2.00 – 2.20
    1. Before launch ASM, ensure connecting android device and your PC with USB cable
    2. Launch ASM that file name is asm.jar by java command such as “java – jar asm.jar” on command prompt or terminal
    3. Select android device which you want to monitor, when a Android Device window was shown
    4. ASM will show android device screen to your desktop window
    5. You can use several features by context menu (Right click on two button mouse environment or CTRL + Left click on one button mouse environment)

For more, read http://code.google.com/p/android-screen-monitor/