Gnome-Window-Applets is a Gnome panel applets that substitute maximized window title and buttons.Window Title and Window Buttons are essentially controls for windows that are placed on the Panel instead of a window. By default they only control maximized windows, but can be configured to control any focused window.

Download and install Gnome-Window-Applets
Select to download appropriate deb package and double click to install:
Or download from
Add applets to panel and hide the window decorations on maximized windows

Right click on gnome panel and select “Add to Panel”,in following screen add “Window Buttons”,”Window Title”,then choose a right position by right-clicking on them and select “Move”.


Right-click the Window Buttons on panel gnome-window-applets3,select Preferences.Check “Hide Compiz decorations for maximized window” in Behavior tab.(you need to be using Compiz)


See the effect: