PyAxelWS Download Accelerator is a Chromium browser plugin for Linux which is a clone of pyaxel that accelerated downloads, persistent reconnection, resumable downloads, download speed limiting, and download progress indication. To make the accelerator work need a Python script running as server and a Chromium extension running as client.

Installation in Ubuntu

Step 1: Install and configure the server.

Download the pyaxelws Python scripts: Extract the package and run the, and the server starts.

To make server start automatically at log-in, just add the script as auto-run under System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications.

Step 2: Install and configure the client.

Install PyAxelWS plugin for Chromium from :

After the plugin properly installed, there should be a shortcut icon after address bar.

In the Preferences window, set the download location, port, bandwidth cap, etc.

You can start a download in right-click menu:

And view download details in downloading page: