If you installed dual boot systems in your machine,you may want to share firefox web browser bookarks,histories,tabs and other configuration files between the OSs in your machine.

Note:Firefox add-ons maybe incompatible in different system.
First of all,you need to know where is the firefox configuration file in ubuntu,Vista,XP and Windows 7:

Windows Vista:Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox

Windows XP/2000/2003 :D ocuments and Settings\<UserName>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox
Windows 7:Users/<UserName>/AppDate/Local/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles
Ubuntu Linux:~/.mozilla/firefox

Following shows how to share firefox configuration file from Windows XP to Ubuntu.

Step1:In ubuntu system open up terminal from “Applications/Accessories/Terminal”,type following to open firefox configuration interface:

firefox -profilemanager


Step2:In previous screenshot click on “Create Profile…” to creat a new profile,then type a name and click on “Choose Folder” to select to Windows XP firefox configuration file(the file with .default extension).My XP partition is mounted on /mnt,so it’s”/mnt/Documents and settings/Administrator/Application Date/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/…”


Step3:Once finish,choose this profile(“Windows XP” in my case) and click “Start Firefox”.You can check “Don’t ask at startup” to keep this settings whenever your startup firefox web browser.


Step 1 in Windows:Navigate to Start->Run,and type “firefox.exe -profilemanager”(without quotes)