If you’re a Gmail user in Ubuntu,Gnome-gmail is a good application for you to set Gmail as default mail application.Unlike other solutions on the net, Gnome Gmail supports “To:”, “Subject:”, “body”, “CC:”, and “BCC: fields,it supports “Send to…” from Nautilus, Open Office, and other applications.

Download Gnome-gmail.deb from:http://gnome-gmail.sourceforge.net/.

Install the deb,and then set Gmail as the preferred mail reader from System -> Preferences -> Preferred Applications.

From Firefox, select “Send Link…” to demonstrate. The page link will open in a Gmail browser window.

From the Nautilus File Browser, right-click on a file and select “Send To…”. Select “Send as: Email”, enter a destination email address and click Send. Gnome Gmail will prompt for your Gmail user name and password, then will upload the message to your Gmail “Drafts” folder. Select the messsage, and click “Send”.

To use Gnome Gmail with a Google Apps account, select the “Configure” option from the Send File login dialog, or edit the /apps/gnome-gmail entries in the Alt+F2 - > gconf-editor.