If you’re doing a lot of works with secure shell(ssh).Repeated typing the command to establish connections with ssh would be boring.SecPanel is a good choice that you can easily manager ssh connections with graphical interface.

Install SecPanel in ubuntu is very easy,just go to Applications->Add&Remove…Search “Secpanel”.Mark SecPanel for installation,click Apply to install.

After installation,you can launch Secpanel from Applications->Internet->SecPanel.
You can click new to create new profile.Input following required options:
Profile Name: The name you want to give your porfile
Title: This is the name that appears in the Connections listing window.
Host: The address you want to associate with this profile.
User: You can either supply a username that is associated with this connection or configure the connection to ask each time a connection is made.
Your profiles list in this window,just select one and click connect to establish connection.