PDFcube is a tiny viewer for PDF files that adds spinning cube transition effect to your PDF presentation files. It can also zoom on 5 predefined areas with a smooth zooming effect. This program is suited only for landscape PDF files, mostly presentations done with LaTeX (Beamer, Prosper, etc.) or OpenOffice.org Impress.

Install Pdfcube in Ubuntu:

Pdfcube is available in Ubuntu universe repository, you can install it via Ubuntu Software Center

It’s a little old, for the latest version refer to pdfcube download page

Use pdfcube:

Pdfcube is command line tool, run it like:

pdfcube FILE [OPTIONS]

See man page for details:

man pdfcube


c, a
Will display the next/previous page with a cube transition effect.
Will switch to the next page with the programmed effect.
h, j, k, l, z
Will zoom into the predefined areas.
Will undo any zoom.
ESC, Ctrl-q
Will exit pdfcube immediately.
PG-UP, Left-Arrow
Will quick-switch to the previous page.
Will quick-switch to the next page.
Will toggle full-screen mode.
Will toggle auto-advance (demo) mode.
Will redraw the screen.
Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, …, Ctrl-9
Will jump to the page corresponding to the n-th programmed transition (if any).
1, 2, …, 9
Will jump to page 5*(n-1).