PCMan is an extremely fast, lightweight, yet feature-rich file manager with tabbed browsing.The default file manager for the lightweight desktop environment, LXDE.It’s named PCManFM after its author’s nickname on the internet, PCMan.


  • Extremly fast and lightweight
  • Can be started in one second on normal machine
  • Tabbed browsing (Similiar to Firefox)
  • Built-in volume management (mount/umount/eject through HAL)
  • Built-in file searching utility (GUI frontend for the UNIX find + grep command)
  • Drag & Drop support
  • Files can be dragged among tabs
  • Load large directories in reasonable time
  • File association support (Default application)
  • Thumbnail for image files
  • Bookmarks support
  • Handles non-UTF-8 encoded filenames correctly
  • Provides icon view, compact view, and detailed list view
  • Standard compliant (Follows FreeDesktop.org)
  • Clean and user-friendly interface (GTK+ 2

Install PCMan
You can download and install from its homepage ,or use this command in terminal(Applications/Accessories/Terminal):

sudo apt-get install pcmanfm

Launch PCman from Applications/System Tools/PCMan File Manager,right click on it and add to panel.