This simple and brief tutoiral will show you how to add an option to Nautilus’ context menu to allow open files and folders as root (administrator).

First click following link to download the script:

Nautilus-Scripts ZeroPack

This package contains following nautilus-scripts:

  • 1. root GEdit – Open all selected files in GEdit, as root. (Files)
  • 2. root Nautilus – Open the current directory in nautilus, as root.
  • 3. Terminal Here
  • 4. Search Here
  • 5. Show MD5 Sums – show MD5 in a messagebox. (Files)
  • 6. Make MD5 Sums – write MD5 to a new file. (Files and Directories)

Once downloaded the package, extract it and choose your language, copy the scripts and paste them to user Home Foler -> .gnome2 -> nautilus-scripts folder (Press Ctrl+H to view hidden file folders).

Finally, apply changes by restart nauitlus with this command in terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):

nautilus -q