Local ubuntu PC can transfer,share,edit,and backup files on remote PCs as if they were his own computer with the network connected.And this tutorial shows how to create the sshfs network,and all we need are the ubuntu PCs connect to the same router or gateway.

Do following in all Ubuntu PCs(at least two PCs)

Go to System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager,mark and install sshfs ,openssh-server(search them in search box).Make sure openssh-Client is installed.

Then go to System->administration->User and Groups.Click on Unlock,Manager Groups,select fuse and then click properties.Check the group members.


Create an empty folder as mount point for remote PC.In my case it is j_home.

Connect to other Ubuntu PCs

Open a terminal window and run this command,then input remote users’ password:

sshfs remote_username@pc_name:/home/remote_username ~/j_home


sshfs remote_username@pc_name: ~/j_home

here “j_home” is the empty folder created on above and there is a blank between “:” and “~”.

In my case:

sshfs j@ ~/j_home

In the desktop,you can see this icon


You can access to the remote PC until reboot or network crashes.And to disconnect the network,use this command:

fusermount -u ~/j_home