Netspeed is just a little GNOME-applet that shows how much traffic occurs on a specified network device (for example eth0).

I like this little applet because of what it looks like,see the screenshot:

It also shows some details on the selected network device (right-click on previous pic -> Device Details).

Install and configure Netspeed in Ubuntu Gnome

Download appropriate package and double-click on the package to install:

for i386: netspeed_0.16.0-1~lffl~lucid~ppa_i386.deb

for amd64: netspeed_0.16.0-1~lffl~lucid~ppa_amd64.deb

Or,get the Netspeed from :

After install Netspeed,right-click on top-panel’s blank area and choose “Add to Panel”,search “netspeed” and click “Add” so you will see the first screenshot on top-panel.