My nautilus file browser in Ubuntu 10.10 has been broken few days ago. The browser only shows titlebar, menus, and file/subdirectory icons. Location bar, toolbar, status bar, and something else were all disappearing. Even more, whatever actions on files/folders and menus will cause nautilus to auto-close.

Still now I don’t find out the reason and it was bothering me until I updated the system and reinstalled Nautilus. But after re-installation, there’s still no Side Pane, Main Toolbar, and Location bar, no options to enable them in View menu and despite sidebar is enabled in Alt+F2 -> gconf-editor -> apps/nautilus/preferenences. All be fixed is the auto-close problem.

Finally, the problem appears to be rectified:

I was about to set nautilus to open subdirectory in same window, head to Edit -> Preferences -> Behavior and un-check “Open each folder in its new window” or “Always open in browser windows”.

After this, I clicked to open a new window and it’s strange that all Side Pane/Toolbar come back, and they’re all shown in View menu a gain.