Mumble is a free, low-latency, and high quality voice program for gaming. It features noise suppression, automatic gain control, and low latency audio with support for multiple audio standards. Mumble includes an in-game overlay compatible with most open-source and commercial 3D applications.

Please note that Mumble works with all games as a regular voice chat application.

There’s a list of games such as Age of Chivalry, CS 1.6, WOW, etc, for which Mumble provides positional sound support, so that the voice of your teammates comes from their direction in game. This feature can be enabled as follows:

Check “Advanced” in the Configure|Settings menu
Go to Plugins and check “Link to Game and Transmit Position”
In Audio Output check “Positional Audio”
If you use a headset or headphones then check “Headphones”

Install Mumble:

For Ubuntu, it is available in the universe repository. Search and install Mumble and mumble-server in Ubuntu Software Center.

For Windows, download the executable from sourceforge download page. Run the installer and it installs both the server and client.

For Mac, precompiled Mac OS X universal binaries are available from the sourceforge download page

HomePage of Mumble: