This simple tutorial will show you how to install mountain lion theme gtk 3.6 in Ubuntu 12.10. It will work on Unity, Gnome Shell and Cinnamon Desktop with Nemo or Nautilus.

This is a screenshot of Unity Desktop Nautilus 3.6 with Mountain Lion Theme and iLinux-icons:

To get started:

1.) First click following link to download Mountain Lion Theme Package and iLinux icons package:

Mountain Lion Theme by ~haniahmed

iLinux-icons v.2 by ~haniahmed

2.) Then, open Home Folder and navigate to the ~/Downloads directory and extract the downloaded packages. You’ll get two folders: Mountain-Lion and iLinux-icons

  • Copy and paste Mountain-Lion folder to user Home -> .themes
  • Copy and paste iLinux-icons folder to user Home -> .icons





Press Ctrl+H to show hidden folders, create .themes/ and .icons/ folder if they are not exist.

3.) Now, open Tweak Tool from the Unity Dash, and change the theme settings: