Mikogo is a free web conferencing and desktop sharing application. On July 13, 2011 it releases the first open beta version for Linux computers enabling users on Linux computers to start or join desktop sharing sessions.
“The addition of a native Linux client to Mikogo now means that businesses can both start and join online meetings from any of the three major platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux,” says Mark Zondler, the Co-Founder and Creator of Mikogo.

By building the Linux client on the latest release of the Mikogo software, Version 4, provides the software with a wide range of features, including switch presenter, remote keyboard/mouse control, file transfer, chat, scheduler, recording, profile manager, and software customization, just to name a few.

Download the open beta release of the Mikogo Linux software: http://www.mikogo.com/download/new-version-4/

Extract the package and click to run Mikogo:

Mikogo for Linux release note: http://www.mikogo.com/company/press/pr-2011/mikogo-announces-linux-open-beta-release/