This is a small and useful tool for checking your downloads and other files with MD5 and/or SHA256 hash. It comes with GUI completly translated in Croatian, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese (Brasil), Russian and Spanish (it will be auto-picked according to your system language (defaults to english if there’s no translation in your language, but also it allows you to change it to any other)).

From GUI:
Just run ‘Setup’ script and follow the instructions.
From terminal:
cd into Hash Checker’s folder and type ‘./Setup –help’ (without quotes) to see available language switches


Using with Nautilus:
Right-click somewhere in Nautilus, go to Scripts > Check hash(es) then browse to the file you want to check
or (to avoid browsing for a file)
just right-click on the file you want to check then go to Scripts > Check hash(es).
Using with any File Manager:
Click at the Hash Checker’s desktop icon to run it, then browse to the file you want to check


Zenity (for displaying GUI)
md5sum and sha256sum (most distros have them both by default)


HashChecker-3.9.8.tar.gz: 7ca3db4eef166ca09ad3d2cf61b46f38

Download HashChecker-3.9.8
HashChecker on