Ailurus is an open-source software that makes Ubuntu easier to use.
With ailurus,you can manage system settings include nautilus,desktop,windows effect,network,sound,etc;you can install/remove applications which do not provide Debian packages at all;you can check you hardware information include motherboard,CPU,BIOS,Total memory;you can check the system version,desktop environment,host name,kernel version and so on;you can select the fastest repository,clean up system cache,study Linux skills

Here are the features:
* Help users learn some Linux skills
* Install some nice applications
* Enable some third party repositories
* Display basic hardware information
* Clean APT/YUM cache
* Backup and recover APT/YUM status
* Change GNOME settings

The ailurus start-up screen:

Ailurus is very easy to use,it lists all functions on top of its main window.Following screen shows the options to change/display/hide desktop icons and change gnome panels,file manager.

and change the window title-bar layout (the title-bar buttons at right or at left side)

After install the Ailurus,whenever you restart Ubuntu,a small Ubuntu Linux Tip shows at right top of the screen.

Install Ailurus:

You can install Ailurus from PPA repository.
Open terminal from Applications->Accessories menu and type following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ailurus

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install ailurus 

Ailurus also provides tar.gz,deb,rpm packages,you can download them from

After install Ailurus it can be launched from Applications->System Tools menu.

Ailurus Project page: