Boot-Up Manager is a Perl-Gtk2 application to handle runlevels configuration of any debian derivative system. With this program the user will easily start and stop boot-up scripts, without the necessity to handle thru complex links and permissions.

BUM is currently in all Ubuntu’s repositories. Just use apt-get command to install it:

apt-get install bum

Then fire up BUM under System ->Administration ->BootUP Manager, or search BootUp-Manager in Unity.

To change a service status, check/uncheck the check box and then click apply change. The change will take effect in next boot.

To change a service status immediately, use menu Services -> Start service now or Stop service now.

BUM default starts in basic mode, check Advanced next to Apply button enable advance mode and there will be two more tabs: Services, Startup and shutdown scripts.

In last column (Running) of the picture, the icons meanings:

A lit light bulb: the script has generated a service daemon, which is currently running.
A dark light bulb: the script has an associated service daemon, which is currently NOT running.
A dash: the script is a “one-shot” type. It provides initial settings at boot and does not run a service daemon.
A Question mark: BUM is not able to detect if the script is running a daemon.

More read BUM docs.