I have been using sudo pppoeconf command to connect to web for a period of time in my Ubuntu 10.04 machine.

At the first time,I run following command in Applications->Accessories->Terminal:

sudo pppoeconf

to set the username and password,and then it connects to the web server.

But after reboot the machine,sudo pon dsl-provider doesn’t work,I need to type the original command again and set the username,password.In other words,every time I restart my machine,I need to type sudo pppoeconf and set user-name and password to connect to the web.

Here I found a way to solve this problem.It makes my machine automatically connect to web sever at start-up.

1.First,run following commands:

sudo pppoeconf

and set username and password.Skip this step if have this done ever.

2.Edit /etc/rc.local by:

sudo gedit /etc/rc.local

before exit 0,add following into the file:

#----------------for auto connect adsl

killall pppd

ifconfig eth0 up

pon dsl-provider


Now,reboot.This works on my computer, you can try it.