I have written about how to make Ubuntu look like Mac before.There,I use Mac4Lin package,but it need to manually configure wallpaper,dock,panels, and etc..Macbuntu is a project similar to Mac4Lin but dedicated to Ubuntu Linux. It can also be used in other OS based on Debian/GTK. Package includes all necessary system components to mimic Mac OS X appearance on Ubuntu Linux.
Macbuntu do all the installations and configurations just by run install.sh script.You can just one click to run this script to install Global Menu,Docky,Compiz Extras and configure Login appearance,Wallpaper,Plymouth theme,Compiz effects,MetaCity,and so on.

Install Macbuntu:

First,download Macbuntu.

Then,extract the package and go into the directory,click to open “install.sh” (without the quotes) and select “Run in terminal”.Give your password and simply follow the prompts and make your decisions

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