The Document Foundation has just announced the second update version for LibreOffice 4.1.x branch. Here’s how to upgrade in Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu 12.04 and their derivatives.

“The new release is another step forward in the process of improving the overall quality and stability of LibreOffice 4.1. For enterprise adoptions, The Document Foundation suggests LibreOffice 4.0.5 (with 4.0.6 expected soon), supported by certified professionals” reads the announcement.


To get started upgrading process, press Ctrl+Alt+T key combination to open terminal and then follow the steps below:

1.) Download the installer:

for 32-bit system:


for 64-bit system:


2.) Uncompress the downloaded package:

tar -xzvf LibreOffice_4.1.2_Linux_x86*.tar.gz

3.) Navigate to the result folder and install all DEBs:

cd LibreOffice_4.1.2.3_Linux_x86*/DEBS && sudo dpkg -i *.deb

That’s it. Enjoy!