This is a simple VMware Player installation guide on Ubuntu 12.04 with ‘Virtual Network Device’ compiling error fixed. The installation file was downloaded from vmware official site.

1. Download VMware Player

Download VMware package from this page.

It’s free, but need to register and log-in to start downloading.

Select VMPlayer for Linux. I’m running on Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit, so I selected 64-bit Linux.

2. Install VMware Player

I downloaded the ‘VMware-Player-4.0.3-703057.x86_64.bundle’. It was a ‘.txt’ file, just rename to ‘.bundle’.

Open up a terminal window, navigate to the download package and execute (change package name to yours):

cd ~/Downloads
sudo sh VMware-Player-4.0.3-703057.x86_64.bundle

It prompts up a wizard. Just follow and finally start installing:

3. Fix compiling Virtual Network Device error

In first launch, it runs ‘Vmware Kernel Module Updater’. But I got compiling virtual network device error.

Here’s a solution from community: Download, uncompress and mv vmnet.tar to /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source/ (replace original. For VMplayer 4.0, replace all ‘source/’ folder)