GnomeArt-NextGen is a GUI tool which offers a great deal of themes include gnome background,GDM,window border,splash and so on.GnomeArt NextGen is a complete rewrite of the older GnomeArt. In previous post ““,I used this to apply window border theme.

GnomeArt-NextGen is an elegant, simple and complete solution for your Gnome styling needs. It incorporates and offers the possibility to install, view and preview all themes (desktop backgrounds and icons, greeters and much more) available on the website under a convenient user interface. GnomeArt NextGen is a complete rewrite of the older GnomeArt. It has been developed in C# and contains many features that are both usable and handy. It is available under the GPL and is therefore free to use, download and alter for every interested people.

Install GnomeArt-NextGen

Just go to this page and download deb package:

Then,double click to install or use this command in terminal:

sudo dpkg -i packagename

For amd64 user,use following command:

sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture gnomeartng-0.6.0-all.deb

Alternatively,download and install using tar.gz package.

Once installation finish,you can launch this from Applications->System Tools->Gnome-Art Next Gen.