Moovida is a free open source media player for Windows and Linux,which bringing together all your movies, TV shows, tunes and photos in one simple innovative interface.More than that, Moovida brings you the best of internet video, music and images to play on your HDTV, laptop or PC.Here for more.

Install Moovida in ubuntu 9.04

First,if you have installed Elisa media center in your ubuntu which is incompatible with Moovida,use this command to uninstall:

sudo aptitude purge '~nelisa'

Now,edit /etc/apt/sources.list by this command:

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

add following to the file,save and close it.

deb jaunty main

Add the key

gpg --keyserver --recv 26C2E075 && gpg --export --armor 26C2E075 | sudo apt-key add -

Update and install:

sudo apt-get update

sudo aptitude install moovida

Now,you can open Moovida at Applications->Sound&video->Moovida Media Center

Go to Moovida Homepage for more.