Ubuntu has two or three powerful office programs, but sometimes we need Microsoft Office to handle some Windows’ documents that are not comfortable with Ubuntu 11.04 default LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

Following is how to install Microsoft Office 2007 in Ubuntu using wine and how to fix word/powerpoint problem.

Install Office2007pro

1.) Install Wine and Winetricks using PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:Ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine1.3

2.) Create a mount point /media/OFFICE12 and mount Microsoft Office 2007 image

sudo mkdir /media/OFFICE12
sudo mount /PATH/TO/IMAGE /media/OFFICE12

3.) Start Wine -> Winetricks, select “Install an app”, click OK and then choose “office2007pro”, and it will automatically search and install the package.

Fix cannot save in Word problem

1.) Get a copy of “msctf.dll” file under Windows XP’s /Windows/System32/ directory.

2.) Go to Winetricks -> Select office2007pro -> Browser files -> drive_c -> windows -> system32, replace “msctf.dll” with the one in step 1.

Fix PowerPoint problem

Go to Wine -> Configure Wine -> Libraries tab, type in “riched20.dll”(without quotes) under New override for library and click Add.

Highlight it under Existing overrides and then click Edit to choose “Native(Windows)”