You may want to install Internet Explorer in your Ubuntu Linux because you’re used to use it or some sites don’t show up properly in browsers other than Internet Explorer.And IEs4Linux is the simpler way to have Internet Explorer running on Ubuntu Linux,with IEs4Linux you can install IE5.0,IE5.5,IE6.0 in ubuntu 9.04 or any other versions of ubuntu without boring setup processes.
First,you need to make sure you have installed wine and cabextract.
For install wine,please refer to wine install
For install cabextract,run following command in terminal,or use synaptic package manager(System–>Administration–>Synaptic Package Manager)

sudo apt-get install cabextract

Now,download IEs4Linux package,then extract it and click on the file”ie4linux”to run it,you will see:


click OK to start installation,you will see following screen.


click close when it says the installation finish and you’re done.