ImageMagick is a software suite to create, edit, and compose bitmap images.It supports about 100 image formats and can perform impressive operations such as creating images from scratch; changing colors; stretching, rotating, and overlaying images; and overlaying text on images. Whether you use ImageMagick to manage the family photos or to embark on a job involving millions of images, this book provides you with the knowledge to manage your images with ease.
Install ImageMagick in Linux
First,download ImageMagick from this page.

Unpack with this command:

tar xvfz ImageMagick-6.5.3-10.tar.gz

Configure and compile ImageMagick:

cd ImageMagick-6.5.3-10/



To install administrator privileges:

sudo make install

Now,verify the ImageMagick install worked properly,type:

/usr/local/bin/convert logo: logo.gif

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