gCAD3D is a 3D CAD CAM application that features an integrated 3D OpenGL viewer, a program interpreter for geometry and NC-commands in 3D, an integrated NC-processor, and a programming interface for user programs. It has support for importing Step files and support for both importing and exporting Iges, DXF, and VRML files.

This application requires GTK+ version 2.0.x. Other dependencies include: glibc 2.3.3, GTK+2, OpenGL(Mesa).

gCAD3D is an open-source software, works on both MS-Windows and Linux. It has following features:

  • import and export-programs (Step, Iges, VRML, DXF, SVG ..),
  • integrated 3D-OpenGL viewer,
  • program interpreter for geometry and NC commands in 3D,
  • integrated NC processor.
  • programming interface for userprograms (plugins)
  • available for MS-Windows (32-bit), Linux (64 and 32-bit)

Recently, gCAD3D released version 1.82 with bugfixes.

.deb and .exe can be download by: http://www.gcad3d.org/gCAD3D.htm#Downloads

Use sudo dpkg -i PACKAGE.deb to install the Deb. It may prompt to install the dependencies. Use sudo apt-get install to install them.