Boot To Gecko (b2g) is a firefox project that fully enable the Web as the platform for mobile devices. The project’s proposed architecture eliminates the need for apps to be built on platform-specific native APIs. Using HTML5, developers everywhere can write directly to the Web; they can create amazing user experiences and apps unencumbered by the rules and restrictions of closely controlled platforms.

Run Firefox OS b2g on Ubuntu Desktop:

For now, you can run daily build of b2g on Ubuntu desktop by following steps:

1. Download b2g and extract the package:

Download b2g.xx.linux.xx.tar.bz2

2. Download and install Gaia:

Open terminal from the dash home:

git clone git://


make -C gaia profile

3. Now run Firefox Mobile B2G:

In terminal run:

PATH/TO/B2G-foder/b2g -profile gaia/profile

I downloaded b2g and extract it under ~/Downloads, so I ran:

Downloads/b2g/b2g -profile gaia/profile