Entangle is an application which uses GTK and libgphoto2 to provide a graphical interface for tethered photography with digital cameras. It includes control over camera shooting and configuration settings and ‘hands off’ shooting directly from the controlling computer. This brief tutorial shows how to install entangle in Ubuntu.

Install Entangle in Ubuntu:

Few days ago, Entangle just release version 0.4.0, “Higgs Boson”,

Download Entangle source code

Entangle is not included in Ubuntu repository, but it’s available from GetDeb. You can install entangle 0.4 in Ubuntu 12.04 at: http://www.getdeb.net/updates/Ubuntu/12.04/?q=entangle

Click “Install this now” and then “Launch Application”:

It will launch Ubuntu Software Center and you can click “Install” button to install entangle.