Clementine is a multiplatform music player inspired by Amarok 1.4. Clementine has released 1.1.0 with Soundcloud, Moodbar, support. The new version also adds support for indexing and playing music from Google Drive, Podcast support with integration with

More Features:

  • * Show nearby concerts for an artist using the Songkick API.
  • * Support “My Music” in Grooveshark.
  • * Support logical operators in the playlist filter.
  • * Remove Spotify and Grooveshark search playlists in favour of the
    internet tab.
  • * Support liblastfm1.
  • * Make the grouping of global search results configurable.
  • * Support top lists in Spotify (eg. top 100).
  • * Support drag and drop from the global search to the playlist.
  • * Support undo for playlist sorting and shuffling.
  • * Updated global search UI.
  • * Verify and backup database on startup.
  • * Support mono playback.
  • * Add an option to prefer the AlbumArtist tag over the Artist tag when
    scrobbling to
  • * Add the ability to get a Grooveshark URL to share a songs and playlists.
  • * Support loading spotify URLs from the command line.
  • * Add “Very high” quality setting for visualisations.
  • * Support setting the current album cover or a custom image as the
    playlist background.
  • * Add support for darklyrics as a lyrics source.
  • * Add %filename% as a custom OSD variable.
  • * Show .mka, .ape and .wv in file view.
  • * Load cover art from mp4 files.
  • * Copy text from all visible columns when copying a playlist row.
  • * Add “Edit file information” and “Show in file browser” actions to the
    file view.
  • * Add Discogs as an album cover provider.
  • * Nyanalyzer cat now goes to sleep between songs.
  • * (Mac OS X) Support drag and dropping files and folders on the dock icon.
  • * (Mac OS X) Support notification center instead of Growl on Mountain
  • * (Mac OS X) Support fullscreen mode in Mountain Lion.
  • * (Mac OS X) Draw high resolution text when using a retina display.

Install Clementine:

The Clementine website provides the .deb packages for Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal, 12.04 Precise, 11.10 Oneiric, 11.04 Natty, and 10.04 Lucid. Download it from this page.

You can also install it from the PPA, and keep up-to-date. Hit Ctrl+Alt+T, run following 3 commands into terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:me-davidsansome/clementine
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install clementine