aMule is an eMule-like peer-to-peer file sharing application, designed to connect to the eDonkey and Kad networks. It has a wide range of features, including many of the original eMule client, like:

online signature, source exchange, compressed transfers, secure identification, and IP filter support

boolean search, which can be local, global, or in the Kad network

checks against aggressive clients

slot allocation, to decide the number of remote clients

translations to many languages


aMule is available in official ubuntu repository, just run the commands in Applications -> Accessoires -> Terminal:

sudo apt-get install amule amule-utils amule-gnome-support

After that, find aMule under Applications -> Internet menu.

Setting up aMule

At first launch, aMule automatically update ed2k and Kad servers. But for a HighID(check under ed2k info), if there’s a firewall we need disable it or add a rule into firewall config file, and if your computer connect to a router need to allow 4662 TCP, 4665 UDP, 4672 UDP on your ip.

To download ed2k link using aMule in Firefox 3.6 and higher, first make sure amule-gnome-support has been installed, then click on ed2k link and choose ed2k application in pop-up “Launch Application” window.

Chromium browser also pop-up a dialog prompts to launch aMule when you click on an ed2k downloading link.