This tutorial shows how to view CHM files in 4 ways for ubuntu user.


Gnochm is a gnome based chm viewer.It is implemented in Python, using the PyCHM bindings for chmlib.

Use this command to install Gnochm:

sudo apt-get install gnochm


Kchmviewer is a nice chm viewer for KDE desktop.It can be build as a stand-alone Qt-based application or a KDE application.

To install kchmviewer,type this command:

sudo aptitude install kchmviewer


xCHM is a chm file viewer that is not bound to any desktop environment.xCHM can show the content tree if one is available, print pages, change font face and size, remember bookmarks, display a searchable index, and search for words in the current page and the whole book.

Using this command to install xCHM:

sudo aptitude install xchm

chmreader,plugin for firefox to display chm files

Click here to download .xpi file.

In your firefox window,go to File->Open file,then navigate to the .xpi file and click open.

Restart firefox.