Wine is a program that allow Linux users to run some Windows applications inside of Linux.If you are using ubuntu and want to play warcraft 3 in ubuntu,this tutorial may help you.

First,make sure graphics drivers installed in your system,then install wine by executing following command in terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine

Locate to your warcraft folder and rename “Movies” to “_Movies” after wine installed.


Start game by using command:

wine "/media/jmk/war3.1.20/WarcraftIII/War3".exe -opengl

where “”/media/jmk/war3.1.20/WarcraftIII/War3″.exe” is the location of war3,it can be mounted from ntfs drive.

There’s also a GUI tool called PlayOnLinux in Ubuntu Linux,that you can install and run WarCraft 3 in your Ubuntu.
ALt+right click combination key is often used,and a menu list pop up when you press the combination key in game.Click here to fix it.