Ubuntu has a command called mount which lets you access to partitions in other filesystem,or from internet.In the tutorial I’ll make a brief introduction in using the command.

For instance,mount a ntfs filesystem partition in write and read mode:

sudo mount /dev/sda5 /media/diske -t ntfs -o rw

In the command, “/dev/sda5” is the location of the partition you want to mount.And “/media/diske” is the mount point.

The two argument:

-t options tells which filesystem of the partition.

CD or cd image file: iso9660(use iso9660 instead "options",same to following)

Dos fat16 filesystem: msdos

Windows 9x fat32 filesystem: vfat

Windwos Ntfs filesystem: ntfs

Mount an internet share file from Windows: smbfs

Mount an internet share file from Unix(Lniux): nfs

-o options mount mode of partitions

loop: mount a file as partition(for instance mount .iso file)

ro: mount in read only mode

rw: mount in read and write mode

locharset: tells character set to access the filesystem

Click here if want to mount partitions automatically at login.
Click here for mount .iso image file