This tutorial shows how to keep your ubuntu system clean with a simple bash script called ubucleaner.Ubucleaner is a simple bash script that help you to keep your computer clean.It uses apt and the kernel removing thing searches for ubuntu-only packages, so it can’t work on non-debian system and the result is undetermined for other debian-based system, but you can still use the other features of the script(you’ll just have to comment the parts you don’t want).

- Clean apt cache
- Remove config files left from uninstalled .deb packages(it happens if you don’t use the –purge switch with apt-get)
- Remove every kernel except the one you are using
- Empty the trashes of every user(including root)

Get Ubucleaner

Download from this page or just run this command:


Then,make it executable:

sudo chmod +x

Now,run the script to clean your system:

sudo ./