Linux Kernel 2.6.39 rc4 was released on Apr 18, and following is what Linus said in the release document:

So things have sadly not continued to calm down even further. We had
more commits in -rc4 than we had in -rc3, and I sincerely hope that
upward trend doesn’t continue.

That said, so far the only thing that has really caused problems this
release cycle has been the block layer plugging changes, and as of
-rc4 the issues we had with MD should hopefully now be behind us. So
we’re making progress on that front too.

The plugging code still seems to trigger some issue with what looks
like an infinite stream of disk-change notifications on CD-ROMs – but
Jens is hopefully going to squish that problem soon. In the meantime,
you can avoid the problem by either running SMP or having preemption

Other than that? We may have a bit more commits than in -rc3, but it
hasn’t been _too_ bad. There’s certainly nothing overly exciting:
aside from the block/MD fixups, we’ve got some filesystem updates
(btrfs, cifs and ubifs) and some driver updates (the largest chunk of
which is actually a duplicate driver removal). USB, some KMS, nothing
really earthshaking.

Shortlog appended for the curious.


If you can’t wait to test the kernel on Ubuntu, download and install the debs:

For i386 user:



For amd64 user:




Alternative downloads:

After the kernel installed, check with the command:

uname -r