Google Earth is a great thing,once you install it ,your computer becomes a window to anywhere,you can view satellite imagery, photos, elevation terrain, road and street labels, and so forth.

To install Google Earth,click Agree and Download at following link to download the .bin file:

Then,go to the directory you downloaded the file and right click on it to select Open with other Application,at the bottom of the next window click Use a custom command and type sh,click open at last


It will be decompressed and following two screen will be present to you,select the install path as you want in the second screen and click Begin install to continue



Once the installation is finished,close the window which looks like a terminal window by typing return in it and hit enter.And you can open up the Google Earth at Applications–>Internat–>GoogleEarth,or run ~/google-earth/googleearth in terminal.


For more about it ,refer to

Update:Another easy way,just add medibuntu sources and use one command (or from synaptic package manager):

sudo apt-get install googleearth-4.3 googleearth-4.3-data

see how to add medibuntu sources: