Fonomo can extend the popular Pidgin instant messenge to support video, makes it easy to send video chat invitations through Pidgin conversationwindows.
Your friends do not need to install any software. Simply click the webcam icon in your Pidgin conversation window, and they will receive an invitation link.

Install Fonomo plugin

First install Pidgin,ubuntu 9.04 have it installed by default.

You can download the Fonomo plugin from here,or go to this page.

Use this command to install pidgin-dev,in order to compile Pidgin plugins:

sudo apt-get install pidgin-dev

Extract the .tar.bz2 file(right click on the package and select extract here).Then navigate to the file folder in terminal window,and run this command:

sudo make all install

Now,restart Pidgin and Click to Tools->Plugins,enable it by check the Fonomo Video Chat 0.1.5 checkbox.