Wine is a program with that you can make Windows programs run in Linux system.

In this tutorial,I will tell you how to install and configure wine on ubuntu.

Installing wine:

-one way to install wine is open a terminal window and execute command:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wine

-another way,first download the latest sound code of wine from here,and extract to your home folder.

then,download depend package for your versions of ubuntu here.I’m using ubuntu 8.04 so it is,extract it to home folder and execute following commands in terminal:

chmod +x

sudo ./

cd wine-1.1.19/    (go to the wine file folder you extracted.)

sudo ./configure

sudo make depend && make

make install

Configuring wine:

Execute command winecfg in terminal,a file “/home/your-user/.wine” will be created and a new window opened like this:


at Applications tab select you windows version by pulldownmenus,click Autodetect at Drivers tab


for audio configurations,tick ALSA if you have a independent audio card,else tick OSS at Audio tab.


You can run a windows program by typing:

wine program-name -opengl

but,some windows programs will not work or will look ugly without windows fonts,and type following command to install windows fonts:

sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts