By default, the sound is muted and can’t open while you enable and log-in as root account in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty.
Here’s a simple way to make sound work after reboot.

1.) First, log out current account and log-in as root.

You can enable root account by running this command in terminal, enter current user password and then type and confirm a password for root account.

sudo passwd root

Then log out, choose “other” at login screen and then type root and the password.

2.) Launch “Start-up Applications”. Add a new start-up application with following parameters:

Name: Audio
Command: pulseaudio –start –log-target=syslog

Now, restart your machine and sound should work while login as root.

BTW: For security, it is not recommended to log-in as root in Ubuntu. If you need super user privilege to run a command or an application, add


at beginning.