This simple tutorial shows how to convert postscript .ps file to pdf in Ubuntu.

ghostscript package contains a group of command line tools, in which ps2pdf converts .ps file to .pdf file. The package also contains other command tools, they’re dumphint, dvipdf, eps2eps, font2c, ghostscript, gs, gsbj, gsdj, gsdj500, gslj, gslp, gsnd, pdf2dsc, pdf2ps, pdfopt, pf2afm, pfbtopfa, pphs, printafm, ps2ascii, ps2epsi, ps2pdf, ps2pdf12, ps2pdf13, ps2pdf14, ps2pdfwr, ps2ps, ps2ps2, ps2txt, update-gsfontmap, wftopfa.

To convert .ps to .pdf:

  • 1. Install ghostscript package from Ubuntu Software Center.

  • 2. Open terminal from the dash home or press Ctrl+Alt+T. Run this command to convert a .ps to .pdf.
    ps2pdf filename.pdf
  • For more about this command, execute:
    man ps2pdf