If you’re using the Totem movie player in Ubuntu 11.04 Unity to play movies, you may find that there’s no option in its menu to clear the playing history. Then what if you don’t want anyone to know you’ve watched?

Following are how to temporarily clear totem’s history and permanently stop totem showing history.

To clear recent history from totem movie player:

Launch Home Folder, press Ctrl+H to show hidden files, then navigate to find out and delete “recently-used.xbel” file under ./local/share/.

Or just run this command:

rm ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel && touch ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel

This also clear recent documents for many Gnome 2 based applications.

To disable totem from showing up history:

Same to older Ubuntu release with Gnome desktop, you can create .gtkrc-2.0 and stop recent documents by adding gtk-recent-files-max-age = 0, use the command:

echo gtk-recent-files-max-age=0 >> ~/.gtkrc-2.0