In this tutorial shows how to backup your home directory to a remote drive along with a list of sources and installed packages.There’s also a GUI tool that make backups to remote host.
First,open a terminal window and type this command:

sudo aptitude install smbclient smbfs

Configure your network drive properly and make sure you can connect to it. Also record the IP Address of the network disk.
Create the mountpoint for the backup drive by this command:

sudo mkdir /media/backup

Create a shell script by this command:

gedit network_backup

and paste following code,then save it.

yes "your password here" | sudo -S cp /etc/apt/sources.list .
dpkg --get-selections > installed-software
yes "your password here" | sudo -S smbmount //IP address/share name /media/backup -o username=network_username,password=network_password,uid=1000,mask=000
rsync -arquz --exclude=Music --exclude=Videos --exclude=Pictures --exclude=Dropbox --exclude=Examples --exclude=.VirtualBox --exclude=.beagle --exclude=.cache --exclude=.icons --exclude=.evolution --exclude=Skype\ Calls --exclude=tabla\ lessons --exclude=.thumbnails --delete /home/your_username_here /media/backup/
yes "your password here" | sudo -S smbumount /media/backup

Replace the bolded items only with appropriate values. For the rsync options,just change which paths you want excluded.

Now,make this script executable:

sudo chmod +x network_backup

and start backup by:


You can install Scheduled Tasks,and schedule this backup script to run however often you wish.

sudo aptitude install gnome-schedule

original text from here.